Monday, March 03, 2008

Google AdSense Sharing Gets Activated at SEOPh Forum

Marc Macalua, the founder of SEO Philippines has initiated and actually started a new service for SEOPh Forum members - The Google AdSense Sharing Scheme from the Google AdSense Sharing Program.

I received an automated e-mail today telling me to update my profile at SEOPh forum and change a few stuff in it. With the e-mail came a complete guide on how to enable your Google AdSense Sharing with SEOPh. It was a 30% : 10% share for the thread starters and the thread last posters.This means that if you are a thread starter, you can have a 30% chance that your Ad will be displayed and then if you are the last poster on the thread, you get a 10 %chance that your Ad will be displayed while the forum moderators will have a 20 % chance that their Ads will be displayed in the forum.

This is something good for the SEOPh members and I have never considered the founder to come up with a helping hand. Proof that Marc Macalua is out there to help others who are looking for extra slice of the traffic earnings via Google AdSense that SEOPh Forum receives from the search engines.

SEOPh members salute you, Marc for initiating this to help members of SEOPh Forum!

This is a good sign that we are indeed a growing community and that we are improving and molding our SEO/SEM talent here in the Philippines very well to the service of our fellow SEO/SEM friends and comrades.


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