Monday, March 10, 2008

The Digg Acquisition Rumors According to Jay Adelson (CEO)

Jay Adelson, the standing CEO of Digg, bursts out words to end questions of Digg's acquisition by answering ("We get asked this everyday and we never comment," Adelson said. "If we answered every time someone asked us this, we'd never have time to do anything else."). This is in relation to the re-surfacing of the alleged acquisition of one of the biggest social media site - Digg.

This rumor first appeared way back in December 18, 2007 in an article stating that Digg, the social media site is being brokered at $300 million by hiring a company named Allen & Company. Avid spies seem to never stop taking a look at what's hot these days as the rumor last year gain re-surfaced in the arena of social marketing.

Read more of the story here...

You can also try to view a video of the first ever Digg Townhall meeting.


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