Sunday, March 02, 2008

Influencing the SERPs with Social Media Hype - A New way to Apply Offpage SEO

What's in and what's not? It's social media hype and the advantages that it gives in influencing the SERPs to favor a site over your competition with regards to a particular keyword race. Could be and could be not but who knows?

It all started for me when a few friends in the SEO arena in the Philippines attracted me to join in some small SEO blogging contest built and intended at first to serve more traffic to a website. Now it's gotta be in terms of SEO with most of the greatest SEOs finding out that it can do much more than just serve for a campaign to topple the odds over a keyword competition via blogging and networking.

It was at first, Benj Arriola winning the SEO World Competition last year dubbed as the global warming awareness SEO World Championships with title as the very keyword and turning over the tide for other rival entries. He did good with the help of a few SEO friends here in the Philippines and I never minded it all as I am not interested to join in or see anything from the contest.

Then... another SEO contest here in the Philippines dubbed as the Isulong SEOPh keyword ranking contest open only and exclusively for the Filipinos. Followed by the Ituloy AngSulong SEO keyword ranking contest. I again didn't mind but just stood aside on who will win the search engine trust and to seek for the methods those top notchers are implementing in their entries.

From there on, a buzz had gone widely roaming around the community of SEO in the Philippines and there goes another SEO keyword ranking contest named the "Paradise Philippines" and from there I considered joining other small contests just to see if there is really some juice in Social Media Networking.

Until it's too late that I found out that indeed, social media networking is an effective way to implement SEO in a website or for a client dying to give extra buck$ for ranking first in their niche keyword.

Then after the Paradise Philippines keyword which I joined and topped on the first page for some time until I lacked the time to give my entry the needed focus. But learned a lot with regards to offpage SEO. After this another SEO contest was launched titled as the "Alibata" for which I didn't join because I can sense something not good is going to happen from the start because of doubts on the very bog prize this time which even prompted some SEOs to buy special domains intended only for the contest.

But they failed to implement maximum SEO because the contest after the passing of the year 2007 went down into a controversy which the organizers failed to give early notice to contestants and entry owners.

This later created havoc over the SEOPh forum and I'm glad that it is now finally over and the organizers must have found a way to calm down the heat due to lack of information dissemination about the status of the Alibata SEO keyword ranking contest.

The opening of the year took me to join in small contests just to see the effectiveness of social media networking and indeed found something else from the rubbles that I can use and confirmed from other friends also that they can be a very effective way to boost rankings in a niche keyword. Social Media Networking indeed gives advantages for offpage SEO implementation.


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