Friday, August 03, 2007

Free Webhosting For SEO and Non-SEO

Web Hosting and SEO

For many of us SEO buffs, web hosting is a necessity because we all need a place to host our websites and eventually end up spending a little money to have our ideas available in the internet for our target visitors and viewers. But let me make some clarifications that although there are many who of us who can afford for professional web hosting services, there are some of us who are also looking for the same service quality but for cheaper price and if possible, for free.

For this specific reason, I would like to emphasize that a legitimately high bandwidth web hosting would help to make your site available 27/7 to both human visitors and search engine bots and crawlers. If this does not happen, chances are you would eventually under the shadows of your competition and your pages unvisited and orphaned in the SERPs. If this thing happens, then all your SEO efforts will all be a useless venture, especially here in the Philippines.

Outsourcing Your Web Hosting Needs?

Since here in the Philippines, many SEO would rely on free web hosting services due to excessive financial burnout on having their websites up in the internet all the time, I thought why not go look for some good offers in SEO forums about free web hosting services I would see would fit my likes and preferences as I put myself in their shoes and at the same time would serve my purpose.

I did my own research and found some of them are not as enticing and quality service as many webmasters would seek for. I tried visiting many webmaster and SEO forums but i failed to get what i need for the information about a considerably more professional web hosting service that I am expecting. Tried to go further but almost all attempts were futile and so I had to make a second thought about the particular idea of having some package free and professional web hosting service host some of my websites for free.

There are many of us SEO and website owners that I am sure would also be willing to have their own domain hosted for free and so let me discuss the climax of it all - a professional caliber "FREE Web Hosting Service" where all the amenities are put in one package that's very generous to consider signing up an account with.

Free Web Hosting Offers

In my research I found out that some will offer free web hosting but would only allow domains hosted under the site offering the free web hosting and not allow you to have your own domain name hosted therein. Some would allow your websites get hosted but only with conditions to be under their domain and with too many ads and pop-ups. But at last, here comes a totally free web hosting service that allows you to enjoy all the liberties of other professional web hosting and much better, they are totally free.

Free Web Hosting Amenities

This free web hosting service that I would like to completely promote in this blog is a free web hosting that I can say to be absolutely free for all the individuals, organizations, professionals, companies, businesses and webmasters. Their amenities include, free: your own Cpanel and Fantastico suite, unlimited e-mail addresses, MySQL database and I also got some more from their site below.

Other Offers From the Free Web Hosting Service Site

We offer absolutely free, professional web hosting services with the following features;

* 50MB Disk space
* 1GB Monthly bandwidth
* Free CPanel with Fantastico
* Unlimited email addresses (
* Unlimited subdomains
* Popular scripts included in Fantastico
o WordPress 2.2.1
o phpBB2
o Coppermine Photo Gallery
* Many more!

When you sign up for your free web hosting account, you would also be receiving free SEO analysis and recommendation for you website along with free manual directory submission to over 2,000 free web directories.

With these types of amenities and offers for free web hosting service, who would resist such a generous offer. So what are you waiting for? Go and sign up your account for a free web hosting service at Web Free Hosting.


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