Monday, August 13, 2007

JNB Web Promotion - Chicken on the Loose

JNB Web Promotions - Last year, the SEO company based here in the Philippines who pledged a clear, measly $100 sponsorship to the first SEO Philippines contest dubbed as Ituloy AngSulong. Knowing that the said SEO contest sponsors will get backlinks from the contestants, JNB Web Promotions then gave it a go and had their name in the list.

Imagine what kind of SEO company would chicken out of just a measly $100 amount which is only 5k PHP? Cheap !!! My god, they should fry in their own cooking oil !!! To chicken out of the sponsorship after getting all the backlinks they needed to further push them up in rankings with their competition in just a few days remaining would mean that the worst people are managing the company and deserve the second thought before hiring them. Read the rest of the conversations here.

I hope this never happens again in the second SEO Philippines contest (paradise Philippines keyword) that is now on the way and going strong in terms of sponsorship. I also hope that Marc and the rest of the SEO people not just in the Philippines but also in other countries will learn on this one and prevent it from happening again. Chickens should fry in the pan and that includes JNB Web Promotion - Chicken on the loose.


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