Friday, August 17, 2007

Flash Ads Will Kill AdSense

Flash Ads Not Better Than AdSense

Are you an SEO, an AdSense affiliate marketer or a webmaster who uses AdSense to earn a significant amount of income? This is a must read, then, for you. This specific post is not about what is the better and more effective revenue earning of the two types of ads, this is about what "flash ads" is doing with AdSense ads today.

Even if flash ads are a way to attract the eyes of a visitor, they also have a different effect to the AdSense ads that we are allowing to be displayed in our sites through having a Google AdSense account. The big question is, HOW do flash ads effect AdSense Ads?

To those who don't know it yet and for the benefit of those who knows about flash ads but doesn't know what declining effects they do to AdSense Ads, this is just a short discussion to allow easy understanding. The point here is to avoid companies that support flash ads because they will sooner or later kill AdSense.

Do you want this to happen? Of course not, because I believe that there are many webmasters who have and live by the rules of having AdSense accounts and eventually, AdSense sites where they get extra revenue for supporting other activities as a webmaster.

Stop Supporting Companies That Offer Flash Ads

Most, if not all flash ads would encourage and incorporate the installation of a Firefox plug-in called as the Ad Blocker Plus or the ABP. This Ad Blocker Plus is used to limit or block the appearance of other ads like AdSense Ads and other relevant site ads.

This way, the AdSense ads does not get the slot for appearing in a search result which we all know could result to the death of AdSense in the latter as a result. This could be a slow but sure killing of our revenues and would later on be equivalent to AdSense ads revenue failure.

This could not be as serious but is surely worth a second look for many web masters today that depend on their AdSense earnings to support other web activities.

This is a call for many of us SEO and AdSense affiliate marketers who still want to earn from AdSense. Stop supporting companies and websites that support flash ads !


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