Tuesday, May 21, 2013

SEO Has Not Changed, Search Engines Did - It Still Works!

It has been buzz all over the SEO community all over the world that a new fight will soon be out against Google's mighty algorithm changes. The fact is, each and every day, we all don't know whether changes will occur or not. Another fact is that Google's Penguin has devastated multiple businesses, some of them are legit and some are not. But what remains is the question whether to continue doing SEO or not.

Well for me and my sites, all I really need is someone to write content for me and someone to build links for my sites. SEO will never die, contrary to what link bait-minded people had been bragging all over the internet. The algorithm will always continue to get implementations that are based in numbers, period!

There will never be a search engine that is too intelligent to know which works and which doesn't when it comes to numbers. Yes, there were times when quality may be at stake and the search engines might know about them the factors that determine them will always and forever be based in numbers or quantity. It's another issue thinking about the quality of those like for example, the links pointing to a page and outbound links that it throws away to relevant quality pages.

In the end, Jonathan Leger is right, SEO still works just like it does back in 2004.


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