Monday, May 21, 2012

To avoid penguin, don't build links, just get more reputation

So how do you really build online reputation? There are a number of ways and I may not be able to enumerate them all here on my blog but chances are, most of my visitors know that and processes involved to be able to build reputation for a company website. I'll be enumerating some thoughts below but if you have anything else to add up to my list, please feel free to do so using my comments section.

Doing so, I will reverse what many of us SEOs out there have come to know. Instead of providing do's I will be giving you dont's so you simply know what to avoid taking into account that by now you all know what you should do and thinking aside that you might be missing some of the important stuff to avoid in building online reputation either for clients or for your own business. Believe me, I've been to these mistakes and I know very well how it could hurt a business in countless ways for such a long time.

One thing to remember though along your way to build online reputation is to consider the sites involved as your own. Otherwise, you fail.

1. On your way either to hire or employ SEOs, linkbuilders, webmasters and online marketers, avoid using people who claim to be consultants and SEO experts, try to ask what they can do for a site to develop a good relationship with Google instead. Remember that it is easier to promote a site via link building and get links but it is the ways and means that matters.

This blog for example receives quite a number of link requests from webmasters via my comment form whom I'd like to call unethical attitude proving there are still many screwdriver SEOs around. Why I arrived at this point of view is simply because of the comments being left on this very SEO blog. Most would use spun comment content and automated software which you can clearly determine if you are aware about how it works.

Be sure that when you hire personnel to promote your site / business that the people you will get knows what they are doing. Try to ask what stuff one can do in order to achieve a goal. If you outsource your SEO services needs be sure to have your own guidelines pointing to your contract with the outsourcing partner. You have to set your own guidelines or even set the outcome you want done based from your needs because you are the one paying for the service. In this sense, you get to get your money's worth.

2. Avoid going for long distance SEO services. This is outsourcing issues. As you may very well know, long distance relationship talking about SEO services is disadvantageous to the outsourcing party when we talk of communication. This is especially if you want special services done for your site or business. Unless of course you are very well served by the service provider and is comfortable with the way it works for SEO outsourcing services provider that you are hiring. Experience will tell you best when and when not to go for such option.

Don't enumerate what you want done for your site if you are the hiring party. Instead, enumerate what steps you want your SEO or online reputation management services provider to undergo attaining a certain goal. This is crucial because if you don't have a set of ways you know is effective, you might be going against Google Penguin. See a video here - or watch it below.

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