Friday, October 04, 2013

Making SEO Life Simple by Writing with your Heart and Acquiring Good Authority Links Naturally

It is never too late to acquire great compelling and authority links if you are a SEO by heart like me. I have done so many wrongs and goods in my online life that I can't afford to do more of them. I would rather make SEO life simple by writing with my heart and with what I find easy to comprehend especially by newbies out there.

Now, I can't call myself a veteran either because with the way Google treats SEO today with updates and major search engine changes and algorithms like the newly announced Humming Bird Update, I can't even call myself a professional SEO. I'd rather be content at writing content to my heart's desires than write to please the search engines.

Write real and good old school way without taking in any considerations but to please your heart and your soul and you will find it all beneficial in the end.

Many SEOs of today have been doing this and yes, proud to say, most have been doing it for years now and they rarely get hit by any updates, making their work even less stressful at ranking a webpage in the SERPS of Google.

I have done the same today and found out that long tail lead generation is way way much better to use for SEO purposes and get inbound links that are coming from quality websites and blogs out there willing to link to you and your posts without prejudice and without any doubt. Do this and you'll be surprised. It might take you a year or two but it will definitely kick in once it gets started.

More and more good guys will find you out there in the results and eventually earn you the presence you need to get noticed by people and I mean real people who would be willing to link to your juicy content and love it at the same time. This is what the search engines like, especially Google. These days, you can't really use SEO but simple judgment to write good compelling content and in the end, get links to it and get noticed that what you do is actually the best simplest way to get links and more links each and every day of your life doing simple SEO.


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