Friday, July 27, 2007

SEO is All About Wits and Guts

I read a very good SEM/SEO article today that came from a SEO Philippines forum member. It was tipped along the conversations and i decided to make a short post about it. Some sort of an inspirational thought that will make people of the Philippine SEO community of newbies and experts start to think that SEO is not all the time about being technical or better in back ends or any other technical matters involved but also of the virtue of knowing where you fall and by measuring your SEO efforts.

To become a recognized SEO here in the Philippines and in the world, you do not need to self-proclaim your SEO achievements, that you have great secrets that only you have and others don't as what others have been doing sometimes but instead you have to take notice of how the search engines work through constant monitoring of the results handed over in your naked eye.

Although technically speaking at some point in their SEM and SEO career they have been dubbed as one of the best and the most prestigious people, it doesn't equate for them to also be the best all the time. Some good SEO don't even have this in their lists because we know that we all are the busiest people in the online battle against the race to the top with our target keywords in the SEO and SEM arena. This makes us blind sometimes to the most important part of SEO - "observation". I believe that everything that revolves around the world of the search engines is about observations. We all have the knowledge and the materials in order to make it big and to make it to the top but do we know that the way to the top is not always to take the easy route.

Most of us would rely to the easiest way to get to the peak but I would say no. There are many ways to get to the top and we are all aware of it but we never notice at all. Maybe we are just too busy and afraid that it will take most of our time. Well, on the other hand, that makes us newbies even luckier because at least we have the time to make some observation and use what we see for our SEO ways.

I am not saying that I have a secret in my SEO because I have made it to the top with my ways sometimes but what i am saying is that we all can have a share of the pie, newbies and experts alike.

Newbies in SEO and veterans and some would say experts even fall in the ends of the results because SEO is not just everything about being technical but also about being witty and intelligent in ways that others would not be because they are too blind to the things that are happening around the results.

Everything in SEO revolves around the results and this is why I am saying that even newbies like me have the right to be on top of them. I can be a better one that most of the good ones and I can be somebody even better than the best because I believe that i have what it takes - wits and time to see what is going on in the SEO arena.

This is no secret but instead a reminder to many of us newbies or experts that we all have no way of telling what the search engines would love in the future, after all, SEO is a science and not a technology. With science you have to be precise and you have to use your observations in telling what is right and know ing what you are doing and where your efforts are falling in to.

So for the many newbies like me, don't loose that hope that we will make it over the experts and the best. We just have to be patient and take our time even if we are on a race to the top of the results. This is a call for all of us and i hope we all learn from this short SEO thought.

Let us all contribute to uplift the present condition of the SEO outsourcing and SEM outsourcing conditions of the Philippines and we all will benefit from it. Winning contests is one way like professor Benj Arriola did. If he has what it takes, then we all learn out of it.


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