Friday, July 20, 2007

SEO Algorithms and the SERPs

Search Algorithm

The search algorithms have different lessons to teach us in terms of SEO. You probably wondered at some point in time in your SEO career how they are being tabulated by the search engines and how they could work for your advantage in running that race with other pages that you are competing with in the same keyword or niche as you have. Search algorithms are very important not just because it is where you look at every time you open your pc to see where your SEO efforts are falling in.

It is your obsession as well as mine and a day never runs without taking a look at the results of the charts of the SERPs, especially in the three major search engines. I for one admit that a day never passes that i will never look at the SERP results because it is where my life now revolves as a link builder and SEO here in the Philippines. It is where i get my strength every time i face a day working on my SEO outsourced clients and build links f0r the websites that i have been doing promotions with.

How Algorithm Helped Me in All My SEO and Link Building Work

Since algorithms are the very first things that I look at before I work and run my other stuff on my pc, I make sure every time that I am in the right track for the keywords that I am aiming to top in the charts. I never fail to notice the important things that I could possibly learn out of looking at the results.

* First, I make sure that I take a deeper look at how the links get in the results because they are the ones that teach me what next steps to take to maximize my link building efforts.

* Second, I look at the search term or keyword that I am competing in and see how links are being archived along with other competing pages and how algorithm plays with the others. This way, I learn other necessary information about the latest ways and sites that I could possibly get a link from.

* Third, I try to visit other pages appearing in the results (below and on top) with my target keywords because they teach me how to get more of my links and where to best get them.

Signing Up Accounts Helps You Get Links

Accounts are very important in SEO and Link building. They add up some spice to your name and your link building art. Yes! link building for me is an art where there lies a never ending search for the end line. There always arises a new way and a new venture of getting and building up links for your pages. I have seen how signing up accounts can help your efforts in link building and how they can add up to your links.

For example, I have signed up with some blogger's center where i get many of my visitors and link exchange offers. Another is that since most sites, even a simple website have a blog, a forum, an RSS feed submission or any other stuff you can use for your link building jobs in SEO that offers giving you links but you don't realize it because you are too tired to look at their menus and maybe too tired at signing up with so many required details.

All I can say is that they may take some time for you to finish but it is worth the time because at the end of it, lies the treasure that has a never ending gold being produced. That gold that I am talking about are what we call as future "links". The ones produced here at most the kind of links that will take you to having more traffic and higher ranking at the end of the efforts.
Paying Attention at the SERP Results

Paying attention at the SERP results each time that you look at it may give you some clues to your link building jobs and also may make you a better SEO and a better link builder. If results are what you look at, I would suggest that you take a look at it deeper than you look in to a loved one because the deeper you look in to things like how results are produced, the better yo become as a link builder. A deep look at the results will teach you how to become more sensitive with your link building efforts and eventually make you a better link builder than the others are.

They may top the results but you have learned out of their efforts to top it and the most important of all is that those learning crafts will be your next art to achieve better and quality links that will soon take you to the top of the results and make you a better SEO. In the end, SEO outsourcing jobs that you handle will produce more clients and more return of investment which in this case, your investment is your skill.


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