Friday, July 13, 2007

SEO Philippines Contest Amidst The Google Update

The Google Update - SEO Results

The Google update most awaited by SEO Philippines personalities is now being cooked and soon enough, the results will come out and i am hoping that this update will be good for all the websites that i have been doing content writing and SEO here in the Philippines. I'd love to see them all soar up high in the SERPs and this must be the most happy moment for an SEO here in the Philippines like me.

The SEO Spammer

For almost four years now, this by far is the year that i can see myself doing lots of good things for myself including spamming the blogs in wordpress and teaching myself the biggest lesson in my life to take it easy on SEO because there are people who would love to see you go down even if they know they don't have the right to.

I understand people who get so driven by their desires and ego to be dubbed as a professional even if their treatment towards a newbie comrade is not the ideal. They don't put into consideration that once in their life they have been in the same position taking things up in their hands with as fast as a roadrunners run can in terms of SEO and SEM, promoting websites and services as much as they could without thinking it over if what they are making is a mistake. I have been in the position and i know it now.

The SEO Spammer Hunter is no Professional

That person who dubbed me as unprofessional SEO will see my like soon because i will still learn things that i need to this year and he will find me on top of his someday because i will be better the next time.


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