Tuesday, July 17, 2007

SEO Contest In the Philippines

The SEO Philippines Era

Since I do not personally know when and where SEO Philippines really started, let me just give a few backgrounds about the subject matter. While SEO in the Philippines is still in its very young stage, SEO in the world has developed so fast that almost every aspect of SEM has produced many SEOs that now belong to greatest contributors of ways in improving SEO quality as a whole.

Even if it is admirably blogging that plays a big role in SEO and SEM in the Philippines, i admit that I myself as a blogger cannot say that this status will remain as it is for the coming years.

Blogging for SEO Philippines

For many SEO Philippines members, mostly bloggers, programmers and web designers, blogging is a tool, in fact one of the best tools they use for SEO outsourcing jobs and SEM outsourcing jobs alike.

But even if this was the case, it is very rare here in the SEO Philippines arena that a techie-concentrated blog ever produces the best results for advantage and advancements in SEO in the Philippines because most of them (the bloggers) love to discuss just the bits and pieces of what they are in true personalities.

I would see this myself as a love for one's self and a justification of what else is there to prove for most of them and that i guess includes me as a blogging fanatic too.

How Much Blogs Can Do For SEO Efforts

It has always been discussed in so many blogs that SEO is really being played, revolved and has a big dependence in blogging. This is the reason for the emergence of paid blog reviews such as "Review Me" and other paid to blog sites where many bloggers such as some of the SEO Philippines members get a significant amount of their income from.

Of course, the very obvious reason is that blogs play the biggest role in improving any business and by any business i mean online business. Another thing for most bloggers here in the Philippines is that they use blogs to make available, SEO news and latest events in large and mass release.

A concrete example of this instance is done in the latest SEO contest here in the Philippines that many SEO Philippines members joined, the Bayanihan SEO contest with the keyword "paradise Philippines".

Importance of Blogs to SEO in the Philippines

Many times it has been told that blogs bring traffic, blogs bring search engine importance, blogs give relevant links, blogs improve the page importance, blogs takes a page high in the rankings and that blogs are almost everything from contents to organic ranking matters.

Blogs indeed have almost everything and puts every aspect to an advantage so imaginable yet today but i have seen them actually work for mine. I have seen what powers it has and what advantages it could bring your business. Even if many of us in the SEO field claims that this is true, we continue to ignore this more by making our blogs more of a personal thing where we can burst our egos and personal feelings and adventures.

Seeing that blogs are just a part of SEO and not the other way around. Yes! for me, blogs are everything both in SEO and SEM. I use them and have greatly influenced my every move and my every job from SEO outsourcing jobs to SEM outsourcing jobs that i handle as a future SEO Philippines member.


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