Sunday, June 21, 2009

How Does Google Read Blog Comments?

I have been playing around with some of the best ways to exploit what Google allows based only on my experience. This is because we all know that it would take all the best resources and SEOs to know which is truly acceptable by Google. This time, I am asking myself through a series of experiments how Google reads blog comments and can a blog owner really exploit these comments to his blog's advantage?

I actually came up with this question a long time ago and this time, I have the time to make an experiment, I will make sure that I learn something else other than what others fail to learn or at least observe how blog comments can be an effective way to gain further search engine importance for that page you are trying to manipulate.

I am sure that Google won't allow the blog author to use these comments to his advantage, this is the reason why Wordpress today have the "nofollow" attribute in their comments. But I am also sure that there are certain small ways we can take advantage of our own resources. In this case, I am after learning about blog comments and how I can make them useful to my own advantage in a SEO field or point of view.


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