Saturday, February 13, 2010

Last Few Trials for Sikat Ang Pinoy blogging contest

The SEO blogging contest, "Sikat Ang Pinoy" is almost over and I personally know that some of the participants may feel that there is nothing they can do to top the results by 12:00 noon. But to my experience, there is always a good thing to know that indeed there is always something else to do more than just sit and wait unless you think and know that you have used up all your resources for the deeds to do.

This short post is actually a trial to see what happens in the last few hours left for all the participants of the said SEO blogging contest. Anyway, since I haven't written anything else on this blog for so long, I wanted to let the search engine Google know that today at this very minute, I am writing this link love post only to see if it will crawl this blog fast today just like it did before. Good luck to you my friend.


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