Sunday, March 13, 2011

Finally Finding way to post more about Search Engine Optimization

It's been a very long time since I orphaned this SEO blog of mine and now that I found a way to post anew since Google tried to lock this blog up and delete it from the index. Now that it's back from the sandbox, I wanted to post more great articles that tell about SEO in the Pinoy point of view. I want to take pride at posting only relevant experience with respect to my being a SEO corporate blogger and I want it to be my topic of writeups from now on.

Another orphaned blog, a personal one is what I am looking to post more about soon. I wanted to take care of this account and blogs that has helped me become a better internet guy and not just the average one. I have turned into an SEO corporate blogger trying to fix things up for brands and blogging about business promotion and personal profile promotion as well. If by chance any of you comes to stumble upon this short update note and you are interested to get my services, you can try to contact me personally here - samcasuncadatsem-prosdotcom or seoptimizersatyahoodotcom. Have a nice day!


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