Thursday, April 14, 2011

Dofollow Once Again for SEO

After changing my template to a default by blogger, this blog for a short while became "nofollow" which means that all my links will not be passed the link juice that this blog had which is coming from my PR 3 trust rank from Google. Now, I finally found time to put back this SEO Outsourcing blog into a "dofollow" state with respect to my links.

But warning to all those who will be making their comments that I will be a little bit harder in approving all your comments. This blog before it was orphaned receives more than 10 comments per day and I am having a hard time approving all my visitor's comments. Now that this blog had a PR 3, I will make it even harder for comments to pass through and get approved.

If you want link juice from this blog, then make a good comment first. It is important for me, the owner, Sam Casuncad to get comments that are not spammy but helpful in my content and would end up adding more relevance to my original topic of discussion. Sorry for those who will just leave their trash, you won't get what you want that way.


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