Monday, November 13, 2006

Website Traffic Analysis

Using monitoring tools that enable you to determine and identify which page or pages of your website is most visited by potential customers and which are the entry and exit pages. This is very critical in web site optimization because if you know which page or pages are working well for your business, then you can optimize the site or page to provide more of it.

On the other way around, it is also very important to know the exit pages of your web site because it is a good indicator that you might be losing potential customers because of the content or aesthetic aspect of that page that is creating the problem.

This way, you can at an instant eliminate the cause of such problem and possibly make it more juicy, interesting, intriguing, or compelling to make visitors stay and possibly convert them into customers.

The “Versus Effect”:

I have mentioned earlier monitoring tools that help you see the entry and exit pages where visitors and potential customers come and go. Also tools that keep you informed on tracking who is sending you the actual traffic through categories by web page, domain, and domain types and how you can achieve optimized keywords to be used in your website through keyword selector tools.

This time, allow me to introduce what I can only describe as the “versus effect”. This effect enables you to know such defects in your site. How? Have you ever heard of a web monitoring tool that helps you see the operating systems and type of browsers that your visitors have? This will help you on your quest to professionally handle the business you have, small or big.

Again, FastCounter Pro helps the web masters a great deal when it comes to knowing which percentage of your visitors and customers have Mac systems versus Windows, and browsers like Internet Explorer versus Netscape. These discrepancies causes a bad image on your website if it hasn’t occurred to you.

What I’m talking about is the 404 error pages. These pages provide a negative image to your business site and worse, they become identical to your business as a bad reflection making potential customers and visitors draw conclusions related to the kind of customer service that you provide.

This tool enable’s you to see the details on customers who attempt to link or view 404 pages. Quite convincing, it is because if you loose customers this way, you can be sure they’ll never come back again for another visit or second thought and you very well know that “whatever works for customers works for your business as well”.

Understanding Customers:

I have finished discussing technical ways and means of tracking website traffic and provided some tips for you to observe in managing your small business (or big business). Assessing overall, the importance of this post, let me generalize it in terms of customers.

All this is actually about and how these customers that we call behave in the internet and gives life to the business as a whole process spoken of. It is of course up to you to make your own choices and considerations on how you could provide a better customer satisfaction, be it through the products that you sell or services you render. By reading this post I hope you have become smarter in terms of handling your business because there are lots of other possibilities and ways in the on-line world especially today.


Although I have discussed plainly what I know about web monitoring tools that you can use in improving the overall sales and revenue of your business, I cannot of course set aside the fact that not all available web monitoring tools are as effective as you believe.

This is just in attempt to make clear that there are of course some rare cases that some data are hard to analyze like the humongous amounts of numbers and coded words used to describe data in some web monitoring tools available for free in the web. Special thanks to Microsoft’s “Small Business Center” that I have explored in this post as basis.

Nevertheless, I believe in the saying that “it only takes the right tool for the right job and the right knowledge for the right information for webmasters to overwhelmingly soar sky high in the on-line business world


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