Monday, November 13, 2006

Firefox Digs Deeper Than Internet Explorer

When it comes to reliability, allow me to say that Firefox browser digs deeper as compared to Internet Explorer. Why? With Firefox, i was able to get indexed by Yahoo site Explorer with respect to links by as much as 71 links and counting using the Yahoo toolbar searchbox, whereas, with Internet explorer browser, i was only able to attain results numbering to only as much as 8 indexed results using the same search.

I was surprised that they didn't match at all except if you use the site explorer box itself and compare the two browsers. That way, you will have the same identical result as i have observed to amount up to 71.

Another comparison is that with Firefox browser, the indexed link pages were as i may say deeper because it attained results of links that i have built up way back when i used to write some posts in link building and seo blog and Amusements and Repairs and even way back when i have posts in my "expired domain" with a PR 2 where i took some posts and re-posted it in my new account in Blogger.

I hope to understand this occurrence sometime along my other experiences and hopping adventures in relation to SEO and link building when i have enough time to devote to completing up an experiment along with my other various ones earlier.


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