Saturday, November 18, 2006

Google and Yahoo, now Joined for SEO Help

One of the world's leading online news distribution firm, WebPro News has just conducted an interview with Tim Mayer, Senior Director of Yahoo Global Websearch and Vanessa Fox, Product Manager of Google Webmaster Central announcing the joint support in launching a new site called the "".

This Google Yahoo will utilize the same sitemaps protocol in there providing services to webmasters regarding complexities and problems encountered by different online regulars with respect to technicalities and content management.

Vanessa Fox said: "We are really hoping that this will help webmasters to have an open standard and make it much easier so that they don’t have to worry about one type of feed for one engine and another type of feed for another engine." This will hopefully resolve problems with feeds and standards to become just an easy way of providing search engines the information that thay need in order to get indexed and more.

This hopes to be announced later tonight after the release of this video which you can watch at this link along with the whole news story about the newest happening... for a better understanding of how this new Google Yahoo thing.

Best in this provided effort is that there is actually no monetization involved in the merging of the search engines and no Google AdSense at the site's pages as Vanessa Fox has mentioned. This will be just to help out the many webmasters on all issues covering SEO, backlinks, complex URLs, getting indexed by both search engine at the same time without the complexities and hassles of providing for a different content for each of the search engine as a requirement which as we know differ from one another.

All in all, there is great expectation for many webmasters both in the online business and freelancers regarding content management with respect to doing SEO and promotions and things and stuffs that go beyond the needs of webmasters.


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