Sunday, November 19, 2006

Precharge Projectnet SEO Contest

I have learned lately that there is another on going SEO contest that aims to reveal the latest plot to destroy the usability of the internet and the web.
This contest is launched to draw attention to "a more than hard problem of people trying to use the Internet to make money. Now this is all fine and dandy except for the fact that when these people hurt others in their way to earn money from the Internet. The United State Congress is deciding as we speak whether to hand over control of the Internet to major ISPs(Internet Service Providers). This will allow them to choose which web sites you can view depending upon the ISP you use. And if this law is passed it could forever change the Internet and perhaps destroy the usefulness of the information on the internet. So this contest is to draw attention to this problem so we can fight it from it's roots" according to where you can read the full details about the ongoing SEO awareness keyword ranking contest.

They have a new set of rules for this SEO contest and to make it possible for such a rule to be limiting if not totally avoiding the use of spams by only allowing newly registered domains (August 19,2006 only) to be used in the contest and the members themselves will monitor any spamming activity by participants.

The first prize is $ 200,000.00 USD. and there will be up to a 6th place winner who will get prizes such as (2nd) - $500.00 USD, A vBulletin forum software, 1GB Creative Labs Nano from amazon neighbors, and 5 domains from Domain Site. (3rd) - $250.00, $75.00 maximum template worth from Template Monster and a $25.00 coupon for Amazon. (4th) - will get a cash also of $100.00. (5th) - gets $25.00 and the (6th) gets a cool $10.00. but all in all aside from these up to 6th prize, there will also be a monthly prize to be given away while contest is going on.

The contest period started last August 19,2006 and ends on December 19,2006.


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