Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Altavista is Fast in Indexing

Altavista is the fastest to crawl up all of my links page. With a 134 numbered links in Yahoo, 11 links in MSN and not even one (when i have a PR 3 before 2 months ago)link page in Google, i'm surprised that Altavista had given me and was able to index 164 links attributed to my blog site right now (11 - 22 - 06 / 12:17 AM). This is quite fast for an unrated search engine such as Altavista. Most of the webmasters are content just by having the Altavista search engine name mentioned many times but never even giving importance to its ways and means. Furthermore, Altavista just gets to be always on the second rate compared to the big three search engines (Yahoo, Google and MSN).

Well for whatever reason there is, i salute Altavista for giving credits to my link building works at a faster time possible compared to the big three. It could be that the Altvista staff are all not as busy as the big three guys. It could also be possible that the search engine itself is using a much faster software or program for their indexing of newly found pages in the web. Another reason i could account for this act of indexing of Altavista is because they don't have much complications to handle as compared to the other big 3 search engines. It is also possible that Altavista has a crawler bot that's not as limited in staying at a longer time to index and see the importance of a site and it's new links.

I wonder if anybody from the Ituloy AngSulong SEO keyword ranking contest participants here in the Philippines has to say about this? Has anybody actually done some efforts in seeing through this as a sort of link building process that also deserves a second look? I bet no one even bothered to at all because the contest only involves winning if you coould only rank in the big three and not in the second raters like Altavista, Inktomi and AllTheWeb. I also wonder if it will provide an effect to link building with respect to the big three search engines because in any such way, links are links are links and if you have links to smaller search engines like Altavista, Inktomi and AllTheWeb, chances are you are going to be a point ahead of the competition. If ever i am wrong about this point, then at least it can serve as a search engine marketing point up ahead compared to your competition. I believe that as of this date, Altavista is already owned and operated by yahoo including two other search engines like Inktomi and AlltheWeb.

Viva la Altavista!


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