Sunday, November 05, 2006

Ituloy AngSulong Year Ender SEO Contest

Before my past few posts, all i was thinking of is spending my time doing forum posts that i have been fond of lately as part of promotions on my outsourced jobs related to Search Engine Marketing. After i learned that the professional SEO's here in the Philippines is busy doing marketing and thinking and brainstorming about strategies on how to improve rankings with the keyword "Ituloy AngSulong" which is about the newly launched Ituloy AngSulong SEO keyword promotion contest, i started to shift my gears and take it to the quinta mode.

It was actually a first hand information that i was able to gossip from the previously held SEO congress last October 28 at The Fort's Jill's resto bar where the actual announcement of the Ituloy AngSulong contest was finally announced by Marc Macalua of SEO Philipines who personally got the priviledge to be the one to tell the crowd that night that the actual keyword target for promotion is Ituloy AngSulong and also about the contest prizes and rules.

Even if one of the most important announcement that night is about the Google campus opening here in the Philippines, the SEO buffs present in the occasion are more eager at hearing the details of the contest, than the first, specially the prize and the actual keyword (Ituloy AngSulong) which is the most sought after by everyone. A text or two might have mattered that night but i still believe in virtue of being smart. And like me, i don't really intend to bite on the contest prize and prestige because right now i am involved with so many SEM projects and my intention is to get involved indirectly in a way but get some of the credits as part of the winning domain owner.

Frankly, i am offering my personal promotion techniques as an outsourced venue to those who are registered in the contest and hopefully make it big in the SEO community and be recognized to be part of the Search Engine Marketing process involved in winning the contest. A rough ten percent (10%) of all your winning takes i would estimate is fair enough. The promotion would include all sorts of Search Engine Marketing techniques that i know and have discovered lately. The period of promotion of course will last up to the last second of the contest.


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