Saturday, September 02, 2006

Shoemoney On Top of My List Again

Today i read Shoemoney's site again and i found his article so very useful this time. Sad to say for him because he is right now pending on his posts because of a case he got involved in though not personally on his dues.

I really liked his posts today although it has been months now since i never get to visit his blog because of the "unintentional spamming of my blog site from his". I just hope this time he gets out of this controversy that he is involved in right now.

I also like the photo he provided from his page today where he is showing his paycheck received from Google Adsense. Gets me going again to do some more researches and videos about Google AdSense.

In one of his posts, he talked about a certain latest happening about the Search Engine World on Danny Sullivan of SEW (SearchEngineWatch)and what he personally feels about one of the foundations of the search engine world and community today. For me its all the same, i don't feel sorry about Danny leaving SEW because i also happen to personally believe that Danny is not leaving at all, instead, he is given more time to concentrate on some of the more important things he wanted to do.

Not that i think he does not like SEW at all but instead, i believe that he deserves an applause and a recognition for his job well done while putting his heart in his forte.

I also loved the post he conversed about a certain Jennifer who had a case on Google adsense clicking in her own Ads.I personally believe that her intentions are clean because i myself has been tempted to do it before because i am virtually new to AdSense myself and i'm lucky enough that i didn't do it because my brother told me about the certain policies about Google on getting banned and suspended on your account if your are found to be clicking on your own ads.


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