Friday, August 25, 2006

10’s of Tons of SEO Bloggers

Bloggers have always been the king of the game when it comes to marketing. Reasons? Well, they’ve got a lot of it. For one thing, bloggers have always enjoyed natural liberties through rankings and traffic and this is the main reason why many SEO bloggers are using their most creative ways to implement them in marketing. Blog Adsense Affiliates as an example is one field where you can find many successes attained by the best bloggers in the community.

An article i have read a few days ago caught up my attention. This is regarding the indexing limits of major search engines like Google, MSN, and Yahoo. Contradictory to what most SEO bloggers have always been made to believe,”the more content a blog provides, the more chances of getting indexed as quickly with better chances of rankings and crawlablity by the said major search engines.”

The latest information i got is that the three major search engines have always had some limits in terms of content of pages in order for the whole page’s importance to be indexed and read as a whole article by search engine crawlers and bots. Now, why haven’t we thought about it after all?

Maybe because most of us are so busy promoting the sites that we have and we tend to really leave it all up to the search engine spiders and bots to crawl. All we do is just to be content in providing useful informations about our blog site in order to get indexed as easy and fast as possible never bothering about certain facts on chances that our sites get indexed through a basis only the search engines themselves know ( as to the exact figure in byte) to really get the most of the content that we write.

This factual information is done through a series of experiments using three different dummy sites for the purpose of the three major search engines to crawl and to determine who among the three has the fastest, most reliable, accurate, complete, and also to come up with such exact figures as to where the exact limits those search engines really stop indexing (in terms of content).

The three sites were put up to have each a different amount in terms of bytes in its contents to arrive at the most possible accurate details and data.This is done also to be able to make clear the hypothesis that search engines really do have limits in content indexing and therefore to inform the 10’s of tons of bloggers there is in SEO that the old fashioned way of over populating writing contents becomes obsolete with the belief that the more content we provide, the better.

In the experiment, it turned out that MSN truly is the most reliable with its 1kb limit when it comes to indexing pages. Google has the lowest limit in indexing contents with 500 bytes and Yahoo played it safe by turning itself at the middle.

So, as the old fashion way of thinking that too much relevant keyword stuffing has become obsolete, so does the common thinking that Google has the crown when it comes to being the biggest (in terms of crawling ability) and brightest star among the search engine titans.
For the benefit of the amused, baffled, wondering, questioning, truth-hungry, specific type technically inclined and nobody's out there, this information i may some other time provide to you through the article i was able to read it from originally. Thanks anyway for the extra knowledge i learned from him because saves me time to writing my contents. I believe he will soon be named for his accomplishment.


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