Friday, August 25, 2006

Google on Radio AdWords

Last January of this year, Google purchased the dMark Broadcasting. When it bought the company, dMark is currently building an automated platform which allows the advertisers to easily create and individually target radio ads.

In significance to this, Google, after buying the said broadcasting company, indicated an interest to merge with dMark into promoting an AdWord promotion with the use of GPS tracking chips which they predicted that within two years span, car radios equipped with such could be used in user-specific advertising.

“Google is committed to exploring new ways to extend targeted, measurable advertising to other forms of media,” said Tim Armstrong, vice president of Advertising Sales, Google. “We anticipate that this acquisition will bring new ad dollars and accountability to radio by combining Google’s expansive network of advertisers with dMarc’s talented team and innovative radio advertising technology. We look forward to working together to continue to grow and improve the ecosystem of the radio industry.” (from Search Engine Watch)

Since the acquisition is expected to be closing in this first quarter of the 2006, which would be any sooner now, expect also for Google to be the pioneer in this arena of new venture when it comes to advertising.

Hail to the new possibilities of another income generation tactics for those hardcore SEO/SEM guys out there. This only pertains to the ever increasing but unchanging need of Google to uphold its mission——”To organize the world’s information and make it universally accesible and useful.”

Since dMark has more than 4600 radio stations using it’s “digital trafficking” (ad scheduling) and “studio automation” software, it would surely be a great deal of amount in terms of ads for Google this coming months. Originally, dMark does not own any radio station but instead, they supply the advertising and programming software initially needed for the ads to work out in terms of radio advertising networks.

This only shows the commitment of Google to initialize and anticipate the growing need for advertising in all aspect and forms of media available through measurable amounts and considerable engagements. This new innovation hopefully will surface as a powerful ad campaign for the waiting population of SEO personalities.

For now let us just be on a wait and see mood condition and expect a major turnaround on our daily search engine marketing lives. Changes are inevitable, therefore, all we can do is to go where the tide leads us so as not to drown in our own choice of field instead prosper and go for the better worth


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