Wednesday, November 29, 2006

A Spammer's Dedication and Deceiving Tactics

Today, i just created another blog titled D Sub 800. This blog site is of course very obvious to be discussing all about the three things i adore in my life - glass, kitchen and SEO in particular.

I have always loved glass art and never ceases to fascinate me whenever i see one of any kind of art expression involving stuffs related to glass, glass wares, glass museums, glass galleries, glass works, glass heritage, glass recycling, glass collector's item, glass houses, glass jewelries, crystal glass, glass figures, glass chandeliers, glass architecture, colored glass of different shapes and most anything anybody can think of about glass and glasses as applied to arts and artistry to attain any expression.

While i was searching for data and figures about glasses i came across with a site that has a high ranking in the Google SERP with just a few posts with lots of .net and .info linking sites through comments. The thing is all of the .net and .org links used odd strings of alphabets which at a glance of an expert SEO can be easily seen as a disguise of a spammer and black hatter.

After visiting the pages of the website itself, i found out that the site is really and confirmed to be black hatter and spammer owned and maintained. Adoring at how he build up links like those odd strings of alphabets which to an opinion of a newbie like me is something or some sort of a tactic that tricks the search engines to distinguish the site to be of importance because of the said .org and .info links. I later found out also that the sites linking to this spammers site leads to pages full of ads and is actually ads filled. This i believe is what they call as doorway pages. These doorway pages are the type of pages that earn these spammers a significant amount of income and money in terms of spamming and using black hat tactics.

I hope that there will come a day that webmasters would not need to use black hat techniques and spamming as a basis for earning a significant amount of income. This way, all is fair in the eyes of the search engines and their bot crawlers.


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