Thursday, March 01, 2007

The Ituloy AngSulong End

Let me write something that does not take the interest of other bloggers and blog fanatics this time. It's about the Ituloy AngSulong and the different types of endings that it has scripted on the registered sites who joined the contest as dubbed to be the most prestigious so far of the two SEO keyword ranking contest that happened in the Philippines.

Unlike the first registered contest titled Isulong seoph, this time some of the better and maybe the best of the link builders had joined the contest just to show off some styles which i luckily have gained up for my own link building strategies। I'd like to personally thank all the contestants because i was able to learn so many things specially the stuffs that i never expected existed in the SEO and link building world that i am in right now. I admit, i had so many things to learn yet but i would also like to give a target date for me learning other link building techniques that both black hats and white hats employ to their link building jobs and personal duties with respect to SEO.

I just feel lucky as write this blog post because i did not join the contest. there were many hopeful and hopeless winners that came up with the last minute stats and some of them ended up dismayed at the results like those that got banned days away from the actual end of the contest. Some entries even got sandboxed by MSN or Google. Speaking of sandboxed sites, i never heard that MSN did so to some site until in this contest emerged some of them that even had high rankings up to the top ten spots or so that got sandboxed days before the contest ends.

A friend of mine vying for the top ten spot in MSN lost his site rankings and even in the virtual SERP results when the sandboxing happened. It was supposed to be as smooth as the silken bed covers until this started to happen for some entries to the contest.

Another top spotter lost his rankings a month before the contest ends but he was lucky to gain his rankings and ended as one of the top ten in SERP on Google. Yahoo has been very cooperative to most because i never heard any complaints or is it maybe i was just busy seeing through the results in MSN and Google alone since the sites that i am promoting that time is ranking well in Yahoo and in fact he got the second spot in the contest for Yahoo alone.


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