Monday, May 05, 2008

Optimizing the Server and Database

Your remote database is where you keep all the information that you need. This is the heart and soul of your business if you are in to online business and therefore it should be well taken cared of all the time 24 hours a day and 7 days a week by remote DBA experts.

The server that handles the database needs the same and if for an SEO, there is always a need to optimize for the keywords and terms that you are targeting, in the server world, you also need to optimize but only for a smooth and no downtime running.

Remember that this time it is not with the keywords but the server itself so that it will function smoothly and properly for a smooth run of the business in terms of availability to consumers and customers. This is called as SQL server tuning or sometimes SQL tuning.

To do this server tuning and optimization, you must first understand that the people that handle this job should be well aware, qualified and certified for the nature of their profession as remote DBA personnel.

The people behind this are the DBAs and there are a few more functions that they are to do including SQl server monitoring with the use of certain SQL server tools. Without those tools, there is no way that any professional can handle so much or so little of the work that needs to be done as mentioned above.

These tools are all used to monitor and arrange everything in your server. It is also these same tools that are used to cure problem areas that professional DBAs in the field call as bottlenecks and deadlocks and to implement procedures in SQL monitoring.


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