Friday, May 02, 2008

In the Name of Linking - The Art of Link Building Part I

I am planning to make this post a more of a novel type but I doubt it that it will make it there but I will try my best to give it a more exciting pack like the pack of wolves that I saw just the other night at national Geographic who used to row the lands with their clan hovering for food. So let's get to the point.

In the search engines, however food is not as scarce as the wetlands of snow for wolves. All you need to know is what are edible links and what are not. Since the big change that Google has implanted in the minds of webmasters, SEOs (search engine optimizers) and even those who are in the marketing side of the web, the SEM (search engine marketing buffs) the battlefield of link building arena has never been the same again.

Look for Useful Links

So let us define edible links. Edible links by simple layman's terms is just those links that are and can be accepted to digestion by the search engines. How do we know then if links are edible and are good food for the spiders? Simple, it has been told now and again that links ought to be relevant and related to the theme that a webpage or website is discussing.

Putting it simple by example, if you are discussing about boxing and you are trying to get a link from a high PR site that discusses about "sports", chances are, the search engines will like it because by nature of search results from search engines, boxing is a kind of sport. But there is another part in the big picture here.

While link directories are selling links to their patrons, the directory submitters and link builders, those link builders from the poorer army tend to just go for non paid link submission directories which by nature, they never thought would be the most effective way to get links that are what we call quality and relevant.

Of course this depends on the submitter himself is he knows how to choose the right category with which to submit to.

Links from Blogs and Related Websites

Aside from link directories, we can also get relevant links from blogs. If you have a friend for example how discusses about the same topic asy our website, say, in sports, you can try and ask for a link from him on either one of his posts about any sport or from his home page. Any of the two will do at any cost although for most friends, it would be free. you can also try taking a few links from another webpage which is what we all know can be done by commenting on a relevant blog post and leaving a signature.

Forum Links

Forum links are also a good source of which is what we call as edible links. But this is true only if you know how to do it right. In the early times that I know of, I used to build links for clients who are just after the numbers and so what I used to do is to give them what they want compromising the quality and relevance of those links that we got for him.

I would just sign up with any kind of forum who would allow me to post signature even if I only have a few posts. Now this is not what I would like to advice to you guys out there. What you need it so go looking for forums who discuss something relevant to your website.

If your site is about sports, then look for sports related forums. they are never that hard to find these days unlike in the early times where most of us link builders would rely on just about any forum we see as long as we can get a link or two from the signature that we leave on each of our posts and thread that we visit.

Today, there are more sources where we can get links from and this will be discussed in the other half parts of this post in the coming days.


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