Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Revolutionizing Search Results and Favoring SEO

Google, if you haven't noticed recently, has favored SEO in their efforts to make more meaningful search results available to their readers and the internet savvy for internet answers. How?

Well haven't you noticed recently that Google incorporated another special feature to their search results by giving another good opportunity for webmasters and the internet savvy to be able to put in a notebook their favorite results or the results that people find interesting.

Aside from the previous links, cached and similar pages, there is now a way for people looking for results to put their favorite answers from the search lists into a notebook service put up by Google. I just recently noticed this new service being available for all sorts of internet savvy including webmasters and SEOs all over the world.

I tried it yesterday and probably enjoyed the user-friendliness of the new feature (at least for me it is a new feature) because I was able to put up a pool of my favorite results in one single notebook.

You can get the access to the Google Notebook by signing in to your Google Accounts and clicking on the link that states Notebook. From there you can organize every search result that you like or find interesting and put them all in one place. There is also a chance for you to put some tag which adds up to the user-friendliness of the new feature.

If you guys out there haven't tried it yet, I suggest that you ought to start it now as it also has some SEO friendly features like the tagging system and I believe it has an advantage for people who use the feature.

Remember thought that this service is very prone to abuse and therefore it is for sure that Google has implemented guidelines for the users to follow, otherwise, a penalty is to occur, just like in the Google pages which I have personally tried and took a chance in using.


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