Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Are SEO and Blogging Contests Becoming a Trend?

Riveted to this question, I tried to see what's in it and I did not fail for what I wanted which is to learn so much about what I have been doing for at least 2 years now. I have lied and I have spammed and I have blogged a lot but most of them were just for the sake of gaining the interest of the search engines.

Today and the past few days are different for me taking time to write something different in an attempt to make things a little bit more than what others did not do - to blog about what it is to blog about - SEO in different perspective.

So what are those perspectives anyway? they could be something techie for some but a little bit conservative for me. Some would even think this guy doesn't blog about anything at all. I don't care really, as long as I know I am blogging for my thoughts and for others.

Most importantly, I am blogging to topple them all without even the need to give any link at all - Yeah! I am now the "no link giver blogger". Try it you guys out there,,, it's good to feel to be doing something different.

Back to the main topic now. Blogging and launching contests here and there it seem like fun for me to see through the people who are joining. I wanted to see what's in it that they always and never fail to attract audience and contestants. Frankly, I don't really care as long as we all enjoy what we are doing for the benefit of learning and earning.

It seems blogging contests are in these days especially with SEOs here in the Philippines. Contests here and there seem to gain support especially if the price is right. From what I see, a hundred $ price is usually worth a domain to buy or two just to have a n optimized content to put there. This is where I have learned so many things in the engine world so I am thankful for all those who were responsible.

The latest is on the Arlo Gilbert. It will end soon and a few friends are there. I even joined in without having the liberty to promote my entry because all I want is to see through to the effects of the new SEO trends in social bookmarkings and social media hype. I also found them effective and so everybody is using them now.

But from all this I learned extra few that I would still want to confirm more before they were considered to be effective in things other than rankings. What I am talking about is their effects with optimizing for specific keywords for maximum SEO advantage.


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