Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Invalid AdSense Clicks Can Be Detected by Google Now

Personally experiencing invalid clicks, here is my share. I got this inkling twist in my stomach that day that I got 50 big clicks in my AdSense Ads displayed in my blog. Immediately I rushed into the account details and saw that Google didn't give me any earnings on those 50 clicks.

I am not really surprised because those clicks from what you can guess are all invalid clicks. I don't get that much clicks from my sites because It is not really my account's natural numbers. Of course I have always dreamed of this but I know that it cannot be as instant as I can write here in this blog.

So what's in it for me? Simple, Google knows and they know how to recognize invalid clicks today. They can sense it with their system either if its also a click fraud. This time I didn't get penalized so they know those clicks are not just invalid clicks but also that those clicks are part of people trying to ruin my Google account.

For those who think that they can get away with these kinds of things..I am telling you it could be your last. Google has this system that recognizes and takes a record of all the activity that is going on with their publishers and advertisers alike.


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