Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Feeds Submission and Content Syndication for SEO Advantage

Learning a lot from the trends of SEO and the people who are the major players in the arena here in the Philippine SEO environment I decided this time to give credit to a friend who once raised some issues of syndication. This has something to do with him doing feeds submission and RSS submission.

I told my friend that I cannot comment on what he is raising with me on the issue of content duplication. I remember I only told him that "if there's a link going to the original source, (in this case his own website) it means it cannot be dupe content.

Dupe content issues are pretty easy to see and know. The basic to content duplication is if you have a copy of strings of words in exact same order where the second hand poster did not put any link to your original content if you are indeed the original source.

So does that cut the issue of dupe content, if not, you can do more research for dupe content issues by Googling it in your browser.

With issues of RSS submission and Feeds submission, it is always good to you because it is not actually dupe content that you are trying to provide for the whole world to enjoy, it is also for you to enjoy the positive effects of it.

The only downside however to this attitude is that you can sometimes view it as dupe content and you start to feel envy with those who publish what is originally yours. Aside from that, as of today, I cannot see anything wrong with it unless of course if the search engines start to see it as something else.

Don't the search engines get tired of seeing things again and again with RSS and content syndication via feeds submission? Well, I guess not!

As an additional to this doing, RSS and feeds submission seem to have interesting effects of sticking your site to your current position in the SERPs.


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