Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Domains And SEO

Domains have always played a big role with SEO terms especially if you are to maintain a very good niche. This has been proven to work so well against a few competitors but if you implement a strongly optimized content in domains that are not well optimized to your niche, it would still have some chance to get on top over the others because time is with you.

Yes! The only factor that could work for you is the time factor. If you are not in hurry to make it to the top, all it takes is just a few time to get there and a few more of doing SEO in offpage implementation of link building. This is especially complementary to pages out there who rank so well with a competent niche keyword even if they do not have optimized domain. The technique here is to buy yourself some time doing SEO in the inner pages that would eventually take you to where you belong.


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