Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Lick A** SEO Trivia - The B*** Truth

So today, let me have you all play a guessing game. Now, we all know who the hell is that good woman/man in the SEO industry in the Philippines and I admit I've been one of those who put comments on her/his not so popular blog pretending to know him personally.

We all want to be in sometimes and forgive me if I am one of them once in ever comment that I leave in blogs ( BTW, I always leave a comment in about 20 blogs a day). This gal/guy is really hot all the time and he has been all around us trying to lure us to something for a prize money.

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I am not making anything out of this at all. It's just that I am sick an tired of people trying to be nice to big shot no no's out there. We're all the same and we all eat at Jollibee, my god!

So this gal/guy is out for a recent something and she/he got even more popular with that link bait doing some bad to fellow SEO here in the Philippines by bulk. I mean I have spammed so many time so what! But this person has has people in the SEO arena wait for nothing while enjoying the bar out there in somewhere I don't know of....(this came from an unknown source)

Anyway, I don't care at all who this person is. I'm sick and tired of paying good for people who are good ( indeed) but have done the biggest mistake in his life. I mean, we all deserve some negative points in our card sometimes and we cannot escape from that. A sorry is enough and what's done is done but just to put up on it, I didn't like what that person said to me in the forum at all.

The person deserves what I said about the truth and that is the truth so no one can change what the truth says. Guess who?


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