Friday, May 09, 2008

When We Won't Need Link Building Anymore

Do we really have to wait until we won't need to do link building anymore before we realize that we are in the wrong direction. Well, pardon me but this is the reasonable blog and I intend to make it linkless in some of my posts (not all).

The reason is I want to use it just for my advantage and that is what it should always be in the first place. I am not jumpy nor greedy with my links knowing that this same blog can be found in the top of the search engine.

I am not even the best in the land and in fact I have spammed a lot in my early days and sometimes until now. I guess that's because I fail to understand the context of spamming and being a spammer. Each and everyone of us have our own definition of the word so there really is nothing to be afraid of if we commit spamming in our way to the top of the search engines.

We just have to apologize for people whom we have committed it with because that's the basic attitude of someone who had sinned. Spamming is a sin and so if we commit one, we should also ask for forgiveness. But remember that it is different if we commit spamming and commit it again as if we do not learn at all.

There has to be some learning process in all this so when we learn we speak of better us and let ourselves become better. Since link building has always been a twin of spamming, we sometimes get in the way of the standards of others so take care of what we you do all the time.



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