Friday, May 09, 2008

I'm not Using RSS and so What!

Yes, that's me and it is true that I am not even using RSS in many of my blogs but take a look at where some of them? They're simply lying in the midst of the first page. This is not something that I am boasting of and this is not even a pitch. It's more of what I call as "Natural".

Yes and I'm not afraid if they say that my blogs are all lame and useless without RSS. Who needs RSS anyway? I've been to where most couldn't even reach and my sites don't even know what RSS is and so do I.

I have multiple posts attempting to give light to this little darling of the blogging community but it seem I cannot get the point of it all so I just left it where it is.

My RSS simply s***. Who would subscribe in a blog that's made for paid posting anyway. It's all garbage n there but the thing is I still get what I want and that's $ and job or job and $. It's all the same except if you are too rich to just simply blog for nothing.

Even so, it's what you can see everywhere so who's the boss here? The blogs and the blogging industry got so polluted with useless garbage since the introduction of paid posting. But mind you, this very same blog has earned me a decent hosting cost by paid posting and it didn't hurt me at all, except that it lost a PR 4.

Yes!!! This blog used to be a PR 4 I lost it all because of so much garbage. Even if you write something that's really good for those who are looking to get a share of your PR it doesn't really change everything, in fact it only changed only one PR value..GREAT! GET MY POINT?


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