Friday, May 09, 2008

When SEO Matters Don't Matter Anymore

I think we have almost arrived to a point where SEO will not matter anymore because from the way the search engines have evolved to control spam and gray matter in SEO, there has been a very important change in the future of search.

SEO got along so well but the changes did make a lot of changes to everything in how the webmasters work for their efforts to payup in rankings. Everything in the game of SEO has always been about rankings and this has never changed since the invention of search engines.

In the biggest change started by the Google Slap late last year in 2007, there were buzz going around that there will be more. The Googleplex have been so very quiet and the Google engineer Matt Cutts, according to a source have been interviewed in the latest SES and told interviewers that the future of search is going to be better.

Is this it? the start of a new life and the start of the fall of spam? Will this be the start of "SEO doesn't matter anymore? And what about branding, is this something that Google is looking into or just some scare to ward off the fortunate ones, the other side of white hat SEO.

Well, if you are to react on this one, feel free to leave a comment here and I will take a look at it and see what and where we can agree or not. This post is just some premonition and not based on another fact.


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