Monday, May 26, 2008

Playing Around with Misspellings in a SEO Contest

I have an experiment just the other day in a SEO contest and I would like to share this odd result although I wouldn't want to capitalize much on it because of variation of results in the SERPs. This has something to do with misspellings. I found out that in a contest even if the competition is very rigid and there is no room for mistakes, you can still rank for a keyword with misspellings.

Yes! that is true but I would not want to finalize on this one yet because I had to see something else so I would like to leave this one hanging for this reason. to enlighten you up a little bit on it, I used one misspelling and one right spelling and presto! It emerged in a higher ranking than my original entry (kuno) to the SEO contest. But of course I would like to see into some other factors like links and so on so It has to be just this short. Next time...


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