Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Where Metal Head SEOs Meet and Match

So where is this place? This is the place where metal head SEOs meet and match. Where else but this place called as the battlefield of the best in SEO - the contest arena?

Is it really enough to be winning SEO contests just to let others see that you have what it takes? NO! nothing is enough with it, not even those who know everything from 301's 302's and so on and so forth.

All I know is that the only arena where metal head SEOs meet and match is the search engine results pages and SEO contests is not part of that although there are a lot of points there that we can all learn from.

SEO contests are also where we test the effectivity of a tactic for others to learn too. I have tried so many times to be in but I cannot because of so many work to do so I let it be. I just barge in and join for a while to see my own techniques if they will work and after a few days or so upon learning that they will give me even more edge over the others, I quit.


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