Saturday, August 16, 2008

Sphinn Junks Cebu SEO Contest Bookmarkings

This is a call for those who are a little bit on the early stage of their SEO and Sphinning and in using the bookmark submission tool called as the Social Bookmarker. Please, refrain from submitting all your bookmarks about the Cebu SEO Contest in their site.

You'll surely be booted out unless you can make something really worth of the time of those who are regular members of the popular search engine bookmarking site. I am not saying you have useless content but it's just the way it works there for some of the big time SEOs in the industry.
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Sphinn, is a social sharing and also the search engine industry's very own social news & networking site launched by none other than the good old reliable and ever dependable Danny Sullivan. It is where some of the best stay and mingle and they all know what makes a very useful content to get bookmarked in their fences. All the people there knows what gets in and what doesn't.

There must be at least
2 Cebu SEO Contest bookmark submissions that got booted out of their engine. You must realize that you cannot afford to loose your membership only by careless submission of content. I say careless because of the obvious point that those two I can see from the Cebu SEO contest results got badly booted out. That means your content did not pass the quality that they have there which is strict as a hole of the needle, please don't.
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There must be something that the users and members there can get out from your posts in Sphinn before the administrators will allow your submissions. This is again a call to some of you who manage to make submissions because this way, you might compromise us being labeled as spammers and we all do not want that.

I get most of my valuable content from Sphinn and if you are not aware of it and that there is a pot of gold in there and I don't want you guys to have your accounts banned, so I decided to make this post even though it is very hard for me to make my point.


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