Saturday, August 16, 2008

In a Matter of SEO Hours, Minutes and Seconds

Not even a day. Why in a matter of hours, minutes and seconds? This must have something to do with the Cebu SEO Contest that I just saw today. It took my curiosity and I felt urged to try if this blog still has its charisma with Google. Indeed, Google gave me the top position all in a day's work. I didn't intend to but I mean it.

I really want to get to the top but not today. It was supposed to be by Monday. Now I will face the problem of having that post maintained without considering my time frame. Anyway, it will do for now. I am still waiting for the home page to come out and while waiting for that occurrence which I doubt will come, I have to update this blog and let you all see my posts for the SEO contest.

A friend, James "B" (not the rapper) was supposed to be here but a sad ending to his entry and his chance to learn more that ended in the thrash because of....never mind. Sorry for those who are already there, I am just having a good time testing my new blog's onpage. This is the first time so I guess I am on track learning more. I enjoyed studying the new SEO Book (not Aaron Wall's) this one's better at least a 100 times more. This is the latest that I have and I really learned a lot from this SEO book for just 2 sleepless nights of reading and true friend's guidance.

Thanks to a friend in the U.S. (a real friend) and now a very good friend. Testing those learnings in my blogs is another issue. I won't fail my clients from the Middle East and I will lots of link love this year. We are also going to win a contest, but not the Cebu SEO Contest but against our competitors.


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