Saturday, August 16, 2008

When SEOs Fall, They Fall Hard - An SEO Worker's Story

It has been a rule of thumb for many webmasters and SEO people to be careful of what they get in to. While I've had my mistakes, trying to give and ask for nothing but partnership the kind of partnership that was supposed to last a lifetime, I fell hard. I fell hard because I didn't see it coming. I though somewhere along the way, once, that my principle that business is business is always good and I proved myself right after all.

Friends are friends and we can always be friends with our friends, but when business come, friendship breaks. Why? I really couldn't answer myself until it came a point where I am the one. Business partnership proved that when business is at stake, we should first forget that our partners are our friends. WE don't have to compromise our friendship and we must be clear from the start.

I have always valued friendship until a friend, a co-worker in the amusement stole my ideas, my project, me and my future to be given the recognition on that project. I was no SEO that time, I am just me, the amusement worker who taught a friend I thought was all the way a friend but a fox. I didn't pity myself, I stood up! I know where I stand and I know my place. I didn't argue, I took the slap but he is still my friend because we are friends.

I understand that there are a few people, when you start to feed them up not with food but knowledge and power only you once had, they change. They change from becoming a friend into competition. Still I did not regret sharing what I had... Until the slap came. A partnership, a business partnership with business we mean 50/50 right? And it was the agreement until the agreement sounded different. You become the employee that partner dictates what to do or work out today and the next day.

Indeed I am not an SEO yet that day but I understood and still gave but when I felt this partner want's top eat me alive, that's when I started shouting...ENOUGH!!! ENOUGH!!! I am a human with dignity not just in friendship but also in partnership and with my words. I value what I say. I make mistakes but I will make it up because I know.

No I am not an SEO I am just your worker and you can dictate me anything you want even if costs me deprivation to have that chance to learn, to interact as a person or an SEO. I will not be denied this time. I am an SEO and you are my friend and my partner but you can't make me do what you want with me I still have my own life don't I? Well, there are a few people who feel they have the world in their hands but no. you might feel that way but you won't have me.


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