Friday, August 15, 2008

Google Now Allows Google AdSense for Feeds in Beta

I was surprised today to see that my Google AdSense accounts displayed below a link to the Google AdSense for Feeds link. This is something new for Google and it is still in beta testing.

This is new to Google and they might have given a second thought an original scheme by some pay for blogging platform I can't remember anymore. Yes, it was this paid per posting for bloggers service that I have seen it first. Learn more on the new Google AdSense for Feeds.

Just for your information, Google Advertising for Feeds has two pricing models, the pay per click and the pay per impression. This is a very demanding platform for many webmasters as well as web advertising site owners so I guess as an initial analysis that this will make it to the public. I also heard Yahoo is looking on this so you guys out there, the great advertising experts, this can be another venue to look at. Read more about the buzz here..

After learning just last month that Google intends to abolish their Google for Search publishing program ,now here comes a new one. I hope this gives publishers more opportunity to be able to make more income in the internet. Google AdSense for YouTube called as the Google AdSense Video Units seem to not give so much even if did attract a lot of spectators.

I do not know where Google got this business model and frankly, I have no idea at all but the fact that they launched a new product is something really good. This will be an additional earning venue for those who are in to AdSense publishing.

Go check your Google Accounts now and see if you can try this one out, the Google AdSense for feeds. They have a link there and I'm sure you won't miss this if you are an avid looker in your AdSense earnings.


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