Friday, August 15, 2008

Cebu SEO Contest - A Local SEO Challenge

A new SEO contest has been launched, the Cebu SEO contest. I didn't have the chance to look for more information because I do not really intend to join it. I just want to have fun having it announced here at SEO Outsourcing Philippines and Link Building Services as a form of support for such a good initiative for local SEO in the Philippine SEO community.

Cebu is a great place indeed and also fast becoming an ideal competitive venue for great SEOs. There are also a lot of other SEOs these days in the Visayas region and I am glad that this is fast becoming a very good motivation for webmasters as well as a good start to awaken the IT population in the Philippines.

Congratulations to the organizers of the Cebu SEO Contest for getting this initiative up and I am very sorry that I didn't take time to research more about the contest because time is not with me tonight. Sorry, no links at all for any information. I am trying to see how having literally no link at all will do in the SERPs and this post about the Cebu Contest is part of that experiment, so as my other posts here. Chiao!


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