Friday, August 15, 2008

Web Design and Web Development in Egypt

I was asked today to make a short case study in a middle east country. This study is directed particularly in relation to Web Design in Egypt as well as the current Web Development industry in Egypt. Although I really have no knowledge at all about Egypt being a mecca or some sort of a good destination for Web Design projects as well as an industry that intends to grow on a particular aspect in Web Development, I decided to agree to make one for a friend.

This is nothing new to me as I have been asked before the same review about the current web development in another country and I gladly obliged not just because I got paid quite a big deal from it but because I am interested to do the job and learn about their current case status with respect to web development and web design. This is only the second time that I've been asked and I agreed even if it is indeed a free review because I offered it here to those who are willing to sponsor a link back to one of the web development solutions provider website that I have been building links toward right now.

I came across some requests based on 5 major keywords but I decided to make just 2 because it will take the whole day to do those 5 keywords.

Most countries in the Middle East, Egypt is one, are can be rarely seen in the results of the web development industry. The only reason that this is the case just like in Egypt may be attributed to their lands rich in oil and the fact that it is their major concern as well as the people there know that oil runs not just a country but the whole world. The other reason that I see why Egypt for one wouldn't divulge and engage in web development business issues is because they don't have the right people who can do the job and their skills cannot afford to compete for the web development market as well as in web design.

I have talked to a few people who have managed to get in business in Egypt and they said that their manpower resource which they use mostly come from other neighboring Asian countries for the reason that people and businesses in Egypt are not interested to develop high competency rate against the meccas like U.K or United States. They don't want to pay high costs of overhead maintenance for people doing web design. Although there are a few Asian countries that managed to compete over this 2 meccas in the web development and web design industry like India, Egypt wouldn't dare to. They are busy running the oil fields and so they concentrate on that asset which they all know will never run out of demand.

Egypt web development and web design industry is like a young child while they are on the other end highly regarded as a historical emblem both in the past centuries as well as today in all matters related to the rich national heritage and culture. Let them be where they are now and let alone a few who are interested to get web development related and web design related services in Egypt somewhere else. There is nothing much to pay for that industry and don't expect Egypt to change accordingly with the development of the internet. Egypt has a very young web development and web design industry and so let them rest in that level. The place will have it's time when time is right.


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