Tuesday, August 12, 2008

About SEO Outsourcing Philippines

SEO Outsourcing Philippines blog started as a plain SEO ideas blog way back in 2006. It grew links the natural way through time and from those who liked some of my posts here. This blog proved to have a unique strength in all aspects of SEO and I have experimented with it in so many ways. In fact, we are # 1 with our 2 major keyphrases, SEO Outsourcing Philippines, SEM Outsourcing Philippines and currently on top 10 with Link Builders Philippines. I have seen how this blog can rank easily with relevant keyphrases that it targets even without any marketing or link building effort at all and I am glad about that.

I have more 200 indexed pages in Yahoo Site Explorer at such a young blog of only less than 200 posts since June 1, 2006. I treat this blog even more than my other personal blogs and it has given me business since the start of 2007 knowing that this is a blogspot and very rarely given the interest business blog.

Today, this blog
evolved from just being a simple SEO blog into an intelligent SEO blog that discuss some of the latest trends. tactics, moves, schemes and techniques in SEO. This of course includes world SEO news and other major concerns both in the Philippine SEO community and the world SEO events. I intend to make this blog even more important with a promise of non-stop write ups of good content and few occasional personal concerns.

I have made friends with this blog, a lot of friends as I once told a client, "
SEO for me is an art of how we build dignity in relationships both with search engines and people and I take it with me on every work I do."


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