Monday, August 18, 2008

The Culprit Came When I Conquered The SEO Experiment

You, the culprit to one of my SEO posts came. Just in time for me conquering the top spot. It really is fun to test my blog and myself. Not using so much bookmarkings like those of the others who bloated out their tummies with a huge downpour of social bookmarkings. Sorry if you are one of those who did it. I didn't mean any harm. We all learn from mistakes as well as I did in the past. I learned a lot from my past SEO experiences and I want to learn more as if I were a hungry little kid who just came from the playground.

For now I will stick just to me resources in doing away with my competition. I want to be there not because I submitted a lot of bookmarkings to my useless funny posts. One or two for me will do. I just love to see how it gets to be so effective not acting like that. I want to prove something not to others but to myself. Prove that I can learn because I do not understand up to now some things. I am just like anybody here doing all they can to see what works and what doesn't.

What about you? Yes you!!! Did you make that same strategy to get to the top? So, let us assess. Did you get to the top at all doing that? If NO is your answer, then stop it. Do other things that proves to be pushing you up there....and the culprit came when I conquered the Cebu SEO contest while having fun. Fun fun fun.

Those who think this is easy and shows up comments as if they know everything in SEO, as if they are the authority. Nobody here can be an authority unless you are Google or MSN or Yahoo. Not me, not you nor anyone in here or in there. We all learn somewhere along the way because we don't know everything. This is not for the money or for the free domain. This is for me to learn more. I don't want to be like others who feel they have everything and so they don't want to learn more. If you have it, flaunt it!

All this is just about fun, trying hard to stay there on top with just an inner page and not the home page is nothing new but with this contest, it's probably the first one. Nobody ever tried to do it for some reason (it is hard to rank in a contest using only the inner page) and that is why I want to see if this will go straight till September.

Sorry for those who might be affected by this post, I'm just having a good time learning and testing. I do not want to be like those who think they have what it takes. I want to learn more each day on how it works for the search engines. I am no good until I prove it! I want to know more, otherwise, I wouldn't be here at all.

No one has any right to tell me this is easy because they haven't even tried. Now if you think this is easy as you talk, then try and take it. Take the challenge and see if you have what it takes to prove you are the best there is. Take the Cebu SEO Challenge! Go prove that in an SEO contest, you can rank an inner page until the end. THIS IS MY EXPERIMENT.


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