Monday, August 18, 2008

Aiming for DMOZ - Can this SEO Directory be Bought?

So what's your best SEO directory? There is BOTW or Best of the Web, there is Joe Ant, the Google Directory, Yahoo Directory and more. But there is still one among those best SEO directories out there that everyone is aiming for - DMOZ or the Open Project Directory. Soaring high with PR 8 and perhaps the only link directory in the world with a high regard by Google.

DMOZ is what everybody is looking for to have a listing all the time. It is everybody's need or shall we say want to be included in in their (DMOZ) listings. It is what every webmaster is dreaming of for clients as well as for personal sites. Even in the SEO jobs being offered for freelancers, DMOZ is one of the most wanted and most targeted (that is if you'll see the ads posted by advertisers).

Actually while rushing to one of the most prestigious freelancing centers in the internet, I saw some SEO advertisements aiming and willing to pay for an assurance that they will get his site listed in the DMOZ directory. So what's this all about? And believe me, there must be almost a hundred advertisements there looking for a guarantee for a DMOZ listing of their sites. Now what do you think that this mean?

Can a DMOZ directory listing be bought? Is there really a way to get there paying for a listing? I don't know anything about that personally but since I brought this issue here, I would like to make some implications on the possibilities. We all know that DMOZ is an open project directory where in their camp, they have people called editors that do the editing of all the submission made all over the SEO and business world.

Knowing about this condition, I cannot help but assume that there may be a few guys out there in their camp (DMOZ) who can be bought just to have a listing inside. Would this sooner or later dillute the DMOZ elite listing somehow if found to be true?

The question is, with this situation on hand, people and insiders editing the listings being submitted, is it really possible to get a bought listing? If not, why do I see closed projects in the freelancing center that I used to go to? I just used to go there and see who's who and what the good old SEO guys are up to and I see a lot of posted advertiser requests for a DMOZ listing.

Almost everyday I see one or a couple more. Could this mean that a DMOZ listing be really bought? Knowing that DMOZ requests in the freelancing site get paid and projects closed could be just what the missing link is. Just asking so you know what's in and what's not, what's hip and what's hot.


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